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The geology and geophysics studio (S.G.G.) was founded in Siena in 1975 and works mainly in the geophysics and geology area applied to the hydrogeology, mining, geothermal and civil engineering fields.

The modern and many different equipments used ,the constant improvement treatment methods and data interpretation ,and the continuous theoretical and technological updating of our employees, allows us to offer a high level service in the applied geology and geophysics area.

The laboratory used by this society allows us to stimulate different geophysics conditions so as to obtain not only a constant efficacy of the geophysics equipments but also experimentations of new types of prospects related to the different problems that might crop up from time to time.

What has been described up to now has allowed the geology and geophysics studio to operate successfully in many and important projects for the biggest public bodies and for the most important private companies in Italy as well as abroad in the following countries: Angola, El Salvador , Ethiopia, Philippines , Honduras, Iraq, India, Laos, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Montenegro, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Peru, Portugal, Chad, Uruguay, Zaire and Zambia.

Studio di Geologia e Geofisica
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