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The increasing diffusion of the seismic methodologies has allowed in the last years to resolve some problems connected with the planning and the digging of tunnels. In the note they will be illustrated the contributions for the exploration with the reflection and refraction seismic methods in to define the geomechanical profile of the galleries and the thickness of the rock weakened following the digging. The requirement of to know the geological structure and the lithology of the rocks in progress on the excavation of the tunnels, always has demonstrated like a prevailing element in phase of construction of the same tunnels. To reduce the "geological surprise" in the phase of planning of the galleries are asked researches even more detailed until to the realization of the horizontal perforations long the board of progress or of the "tunnel pilot". The geophysics survey, which more often is used in preliminary phase of research, has gone evolving, species in the employment of the seismic reflection to high resolution and in the different application of the seismic refraction for the study of the geological profile long the board of the tunnel. The text will be documented some applications carried out for the design of tunnels also characterized by a considerable thickness of the overburden.
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